Our services

We offer you the following services:

• Explain fully the H1B visa program.

• Assistance in defining your opportunities thru H1B visa.

•Assistance in preparing your resume and cover letter in English.

• Assistance in getting the job offers from employers.

• Assistance in preparing the phone interview with the employers.

• Advice on the analysis of the terms & conditions in the employment contract offered by the employers.

• Assistance in gathering and arraying documents to apply for the visa.

• Assistance in gathering and arraying documents to apply family´s visa.

• Assistance in the preparation the consular interview at the embassy.

• Advices on US culture.

• Assistance in preparing the trip.

After being accepted as client, you pay 500€. 500€ will be paid after you receive a job contract from US employer. 500€ will be paid after visa is approved. Normally, consulting firms charge 3000€,  30% in advance and 70% after you get a job. No payment is allowed after visa is approved. However, in the Spain economic situation we want make affordable our service. We do not accept any money before signing a contract.

Do it yourself?

Someone can think: why to pay if I can do it myself? OK, go ahead. Just try it. However beware of:

  1. Companies interested in hiring you, are not around the corner. There are specific companies among thousands interested in using this option. Even you find them, if you have not prepared the documents for convincing you are the right person for the job or getting the visa (documents for getting the job are completely different from needed for being hire), you could be rejected.
  2. Each year there are thousands of applicants with their job contracts which visa application is denied.
  3. If you are married, the situation could be worse. You need to present many documents more. If it is incomplete, you are in troubles.
  4. Have you paid US taxes? Do you need a license in your field work? What should you do?
  5. Will you find a company which pays for you the premium process instead the normal?

Succeed depends if you are ready in the correct date. No one day after. And there is more than one deadline.

This opportunity is opening just a time every year. Next opening? April 2014. Closing date? Around July. Start working? After October 1, 2014.


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